How to tackle tension in children

by Shruthi Shreekumar | 29 Jun 2018

Our character is moulded from life experiences since childhood and adversities can strengthen the character.

Mild tension is always a crucial factor that may spur children to improve their character, behaviour, ability to take up responsibilities, studies as well as lifestyle. However, some children exhibit excessive tension which affects their self-confidence. Such youngsters find it difficult to express their talents. Parents of children facing this issue should encourage them by offering support, praise and imparting confidence.

According to Dr Mini K Paul, consultant psychologist, CDC Thiruvananthapuram, parents and children should engage in open discussions. The kids should be allowed to express their deep thoughts. 

Yoga and relaxation exercises will also help children overcome tension, she says. Even the right food food also goes a long way in tempering the character. 

Ideal diet 

Beaten rice is ideal food for children as it is rich in fibre and iron. Vitamin B complex is also a major constituent of flattened rice, which is easily digestible. 

According to Jeena Varghese, a nutritionist in Alappuzha, it is the beaten red rice that is more nutritive. 

She recommends mixing beaten rice and milk as a quick breakfast for kids. Another ideal dish is ‘upma’ made out of beaten rice. This dish could be made more nutritive by adding ground nuts and vegetables. 

For evening snack, beaten rice can be mixed with jaggery and coconut. Smoothie can also be made out of beaten rice. For that, you need to blend beaten rice and sugar with cold milk.

Exercise for kids 

There are several light exercises which children can easily learn and practise. For instance, the following steps could be taken:

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Sit down on the floor, extend the left leg forward with the toes pointing upwards. After that, fold the right leg so that the heel rests close to the left thigh. Extend your arms forward and try to grab the left toes. Repeat the same changing the legs. 

In another exercise, sit with both legs extended and apart on the floor. Bend and turn to the right side; then to the middle. Afterwards, turn to the left and repeat.

Remain in each position for 10 to 30 seconds.

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