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Dr. George Chandy Matteethra

Gastroenterology & Hepatology,

  • LocationPathanamthitta
  • EducationMD, DM (Gastro), PGDHA, FRCP, FIHS, Fellowship in Liver Transplantation (Sydney)

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Believers Church Medical College Hospital, Gastroenterology & Hepatology Kuttapuzha Book Now


Prof. Dr. George Chandy Matteethra, former Director and Head of the Department of Gastroenterology & Hepatology, CMC Vellore has been a pioneer in the field of Hepatology and Liver Transplantation in India. For his contributions in the field of healthcare in India, he received the highest award in the field of Medicine, the Dr B C Roy National Award from the President of India. Qualification FIHS 2007 International Hospital Society FRCP 2004 Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh, UK PGDHA 1992 CMC, Vellore, (Hospital Administration) Tulane University, USA D.M. 1986 CMC, Vellore, (Gastroenterology) Madras University M.D. 1980 CMC, Ludhiana, (Internal Medicine) Punjab University M.B.B.S. 1974 CMC, Vellore, Madras University Fellowship & Awards The Doctor of The Year award in recognition of achievements at C.M.C, Vellore, Excellence In Education and Christian Leadership, In the Medical Art and Science of Health and Healing, 2007 Awarded a fellowship by the Australian CMC Vellore Board, to train in Liver Transplantation at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney – 1994 Dr. B.C. Roy award for excellence in Healthcare Leadership 2008 (The Dr. B.C. Roy National Award awarded by the Medical Council of India and presented by the President of India for the year 2006, for excellence in leadership in healthcare. This is the highest award in the field of Medicine) Second Rank in MD (Internal Medicine) Examination, Punjab University 1980 National Merit Scholarship Award Government of India 1965 National Merit Scholarship Award by the Government of India 1963 ICMR Advanced Centre for Liver Diseases at CMC, Vellore (Period: 2007-2012). BMS Foundation Award (2007-2010) for a National Hepatitis B Awareness Programme AHBAAS Sri Sakthi Amma Oration Award for Eminent Medical Person (2010) Outstanding Personality Award (2004) Indian Medical Association Rotary Club, Vellore Citizen’s Forum. Dr. Thomas Sen Bhanu Award, CMC, Vellore (1973) LIST OF PUBLICATIONS: Chapters in Books Human Rights and Health. George M. Chandy. In. Redefining Human Rights Towards a new Socio- Religious Interface, Ch. 13: 118-120, 2007. Hepatitis B virus infection and liver transplantation. Subramaniam Venkataraman, Shajan Peter, George M. Chandy In. Hepatitis B in India. Prevention and Management.. 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